Wednesday 4 February 2009

How to: Nicole Richie's braided hair look

Since last year Nicole Richie has been wearing the braided hair look.
She has shown that this trend is still a favourite of hers and she is also wearing it in 2009.
It is such a casual and bohemian look and Nicole works it well.

Here is how you can steal Nicole Richie's braided hair look :~

Step 1 - keep shorter layers loose at the front to frame your face.
Step 2 - Leave out a couple of longer sections on each side of the head to create the plaits.
Step 3 - Backcomb the rest of the hair into a small beehive tying the ends into a messy bun at the top of your neck.
Step 4 - Plait the remaining long sections and using kirby grips pin them into the bun, or under the beehive, depending on where they finish.
Step 5 - Use a bit of hairspray to securing the ends but remember the look is meant to be laid back and messy so if sections fall free it will just enhance the overall look.

This is such a simple style but some people may find step 4, the plaiting section the most difficult as different lengths in hair make this tricky.

So to fix this problem i recommend purchasing a pre braided hair band they are so simple to use and they look great!!

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