Thursday 28 January 2010

Nicole Richie and her many Balenciaga bags

Nicole Richie has been a long time fan of the Balenciaga bags - Nicole has been pictured carrying her Balenciaga's around since 2004!
What makes Balenciaga's so amazing? Why are they so alluring? Possibly their goats leather material, possibly because they are so unique and come in a variety of sizes meeting all of our needs, everyone needs an oversized bag!
Here is a huge selection of pictures of Nicole Richie and her MANY Balenciaga's.
Nicole Richie and her Black Balenciaga City bag
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Nicole Richie and her Red Balenciaga.
Nicole Richie and her white Balenciaga first bag and also her white Balenciaga city bag.

Nicole Richie and her blue Balenciaga first small clasique bag.

Nicole Richie and her Turquoise Balenciaga work bag.
Nicole Richie and her yellow Balenciaga bag.

Nicole Richie and her pink Balenciaga motor cycle bag.
Nicole Richie and her cream Balenciaga bag.
Nicole Richie and friends with their Balenciaga bags.
Nicole Richie with various Balenciaga's - Metallic's, tan, the damask city bag and the clutch bag with gold hardware. Nicole Richie and her super sized Balenciaga - The Weekender.
Which Balenciaga is your favourite?
My current favourite is the Balenciaga Giant Pompon.

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The Beautiful Soup said...

Well, Nicole certainly LOVES her black city! It's definitely the most classic.

You hardly ever see her with any other of her bals these days. I heard a rumour that a couple of them were fakes?! who knows!

Megan Desmond. said...

Imagine owning that many balenciagas!