Monday 2 January 2012

Nicole Richie's Diet & Exercise plan

Over the recent years Nicole Richie has had an amazing body transformation, after having two children her body changed a little and became more defined .. Motherhood gave Nicole Richie's body a boost!

Here is how Nicole Richie got her slender figure.


Nicole Richie was spotted almost daily at her regular gym sessions.

She became an avid fan of The Tracy Anderson Method.

She even became one of Tracy's star pupils.


Nicole Richie is a self proclaimed lover of Pressed Juicery juice cleanses alongside a healthy organic diet. You can find some great juice cleanse recipes here.

Nicole Richie has never stated that she dieted but she did let us know the importance of a healthy diet through Organic greens, she even grows her own Veggies for Salads and Stir-fries.


The best and most enjoyable way to exercise is one of Nicole Richie's favourite ways to tone up.

Nicole Richie's Britney 'Slave For You' dancing video show's off Nicole's dancing skills!

Nicole Richie's exercise regime moto:

"As I get older, I realize the importance of being fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about being thin, but about being healthy. It’s also important for me to train my muscles and condition my body now, so that all I have to worry about is maintenance rather than playing catch up later on in life."

Nicole Richie is obviously a petite lady at only 5'1" she is tiny, but if you follow Nicole Richie's steps to a healthy body you are sure to see results!


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