Friday 6 February 2009

Nicole Richie trying to fool the paparazzi?

Nicole Richie was spotted on 4th Feb heading to traffic school in Van Nuys, California.

The pictures may look familiar as she wore the exact same outfit to her last two traffic school trips ..

We all know how Nicole Richie and basically all celebs (apart from those who need the attention) hate the paparazzi and it isn't a crime to wear the same outfit out and about but is Nicole Richie trying to fool the paparazzi ..
I hope Nicole is ok, as she hasn't seemed herself lately when she has been pictured out and about.

The only possible explanation i can think of that Nicole Richie may want to fool the paparazzi is because it will be harder for them to sell the pictures if she always looks exactly the same when she attends traffic school.


Anonymous said...

i was going to say what you said at the bottom, they get less money when a celeb/person wears the same thing over and over or makes the same facial expressions. that's why they're always hurling out so many insulting things at them, to get a reaction so they can make bank. it's really disgusting.

but nicole hasn't looked too happy lately and i really hope everything is okay. :{ even harlow looked sad is the latest set of pics.

Anonymous said...

i would say thats pretty damned clever of her!x