Tuesday 26 July 2011

Nicole Richie's perfect complexion

Image source - NicoleRichie.Com

Nicole Richie has the perfect complexion!
Her skin is always clear and blemish free - Nicole Richie told us that she doesn't have a skin care 'regime' and that she likes to use regular soap.

If you are like Nicole and don't have time for a full skin care regime but want a clear complexion I highly recommend Sudocrem.
Sudocrem now comes in a handy bag sized tube and it works wonders on blemishes!
Dab some on and carry on with your day .. perfect for the busy lady.

Check out the Sudocrem blog for more benefits of this wonder cream.



Victoria said...

Do you apply it all over the face or just in certain parts.


I used to just apply it to problem areas but I've now discovered if you apply it all over (thinly) it really hydrates the skin.

Victoria said...

Has made my face so much better, all smooth & pretty. =]