Thursday 10 March 2011

How I Wear Winter Kate

Last night I was out for a friends birthday so I took the opportunity to wear my beautiful Winter Kate peacock jacket.

If you have never seen this jacket face to face I recommend you should, it is the softest silk and the peacock print is so striking!

I would say this is my favourite Winter Kate piece but I seem to say that about all of the Winter Kate items I own, Winter Kate just keeps on getting better!

Nicole Richie shows that you can dress the Winter Kate peacock jacket up for evening or dress it down for daytime!


Anonymous said...

It looks like the same way nicole wears it

Jasmine said...

Girl why you always in bars and clubs? Nice outfit! I wish I could buy some winter kate


haha nice observation Jasmine, i'm not too much of a party girl. I tend to only take pictures of myself when out at night not really during the day. I will try and do a daytime look next :) xoxo

Nicole Richie Source said...

I LOVE the way you wear this! Even more than I love the way Nicole wears it.

Oh and those shoes are incredible!

love the post. Xo

Frances said...

I love it - you look gorgeous!

german Girl said...

I visite your page from time to time and I have to say:
You put a lot of work and love into it and it´s always up to date.
I love Nicole for years and your page is my favourite Nicole-Fan-Blog. For a while now it´s the onlyone Nicole-Blog I still visite b/c it has everything!

Thank U for the good work! :-)

Unknown said...

How much is this new?