Sunday 13 March 2011

Shop NRichieNews.Com

You can now get NRichieNews.Com pictures of Nicole Richie on Tee's, Bags and iPhone cases.

The Tee's come in a variety of styles from basic to burnout.

The T-shirts available are available in 50 styles for women, men and also children, simply click 'see all' to the right of the item under colour and style.

Give your iPhone a touch of style with this fabulous faded Nicole Richie beauty shot!
Click Here to shop the Nicole Richie iPhone 4 cover.

These basic canvas bags are a cute and stylish way to carry Nicole Richie with you wherever you go!
Click Here to shop the Nicole Richie canvas bag in a variety of colours and sizes.

Head over to ZAZZLE.CO.UK/NRICHIENEWS to get your Nicole Richie fix!

Also feel free to tell me what item you would like Nicole Richie's beauty shot face on and I will add it to my shop.



Anonymous said...

Out of all the amazing pictures of nicole, why did you choose that one??


Because I own the rights to sell this image, I have a few others but this is one of my favourites. Xo