Thursday 28 October 2010

Priceless has hit UK bookstores

Today i visited Waterstones in Liverpool One and look what was there .. PRICELESS!
Priceless is now available in hardback across the UK. Nicole Richie recently chatted to Vanity Fair about her latest Novel, Click Here to read the interview.


Anonymous said...

i wonder why the font looks different from the one in America

Jamie said...

i noticed that too

Andy said...

aaah i bought it from waterstones in liverpool one yesterday :)

Anonymous said...

is this like not a website anymore??


Nooo NRICHIENEWS will never die :)
I've been having issues with my internet provider as ive just moved to a new apartment.
I am currently using an internet dongle so when i can pick up signal i will update. It should hopefully be all fixed very soon! x