Friday 6 August 2010

Andy Lecompte shows you how to get the Nicole Richie loose curls look

I have always admired Nicole Richie's fabulous hair throughout her style evolution.

My favourite Nicole Richie hair style is her loose tousled curls which she works great with bangs.

Nicole's fab hair is usually styled by the number one Hollywood hair stylist Andy Lecompte.
CLICK HERE to check out a video tutorial from Andy Lecompte on how to achieve Nicole Richie's wavy hair.

I will definitely be practicing Andy's tutorial, as I do curl my hair with a flat iron but it never looks as good as Nicole's!



Chelsea said...

I've tried to get messy waves like this for years and finally learned how this year. Andy doesn't say anything about this in the video but I recommend putting a product called Garnier Fructis Surf Hair into your wet hair and attach a hair diffuser to your blow dryer. I know a lot of hair dryers come with a diffuser but nobody knows what they are & end up throwing them away. They look like this thing with prongs on it and you just sort of stick a chunk of your hair in it and blow dry it a little bit in sections. But you don't blow dry your hair entirely or it will take all the moisture out. You want the rest to air dry. Then you can add hairspray or more of the Surf Hair when you're finished for extra effect. I'm just suggesting this cause it causes less heat damage than blow drying AND using a flat iron.

MRC said...

I can't see the video!

Zoey said...

thank you Chelsea, I've never figured out how to do this, I'll be using your and Andys tricks, hopefully I get it right someday :)