Sunday 8 August 2010

Nicole Richie Style Book by Nicole Richie

According to Amazon Nicole Richie is releasing a book titled 'Nicole Richie Style' this November.
I am so excited for Nicole Richie's style book to be released.

It will be my bible!

You can pre-order Nicole Richie Style on, it is set to be released November 1st.

More news on Nicole Richie's style book to come soon!



Kat said...

"it will be my bible" ! YES!

rachel said...

guess all you people dont have a style of your own??


Nothing wrong with looking up to someones style Rachel. And I'm sure you feel the same otherwise you wouldn't be on this site.

rachel said...

i'm here cause i admire her as a person, the way shes changed and is now living her life. i'm not changing my style to copy someone else, even if i do admire that person.