Saturday 7 November 2009

Nicole Richie rocks the red hair

For a brief period back in 2006 Nicole Richie changed her look and opted for red hair. Although i call it 'red hair' i somehow see it as slighty brunette, it definetly has more shades than just red in it.

Because i love it so much i have made a little collage of old photos of Nicole Richie and her red hair ..

Click on the images for higher quality viewing.
Nicole Richie recently wrote about her many hair colours and how she keeps her hair in good condition no matter what colour hair she has.

Nicole Richie went from Blonde to red to the extreme of dark brunette and now back to Blonde.
What is your favourite Nicole Richie hair colour?

Although i do like the red hair look on Nicole my ultimate favourite is the Blonde, she has had so many shades of Blonde and they all look amazing, but i am biased being a Blonde myself.



Anonymous said...

I don't like it. :( I feel she is a blonde or dark brunette.. this is too wishy washy and something and nothing on her complexion.

Helen Centofanti said...

Hmmm defintely dont like the copper tones on her...makes her look cheap!! Must say though her with darker blondes and as a brunette it does wonders for her skin tone and features! Very classy Nicole...

Anonymous said...

She's pretty with any color in my opinion! But I think her best hair color was the dark brunette. I think it goes the best with her complexion.

Anonymous said...

I just saw some pictures of Nicole at an event from this week and it looks like she has stopped dyeing her hair.

blackabie said...

I like it red and dark brunette !!! she´s is very sexy!!

Anonymous said...

I definetly prefer the dark hair (brunette). Her skin looks fresher with this colour.
I don't like the blond hair.

Crystal said...

I prefer her with blond hair and I think that she is very beautiful also with red hair!
I dont'like the brunette hair!