Saturday 7 November 2009

Spotted: Nicole Richie & friends leave The Tea Room

Nicole Richie was spotted leaving the Tea Room in LA on November 6th with friends Hayden Slater & Masha Gordon. Nicole Richie was carrying her new favourite Chanel bag.

Recently i've not been such a fan of posting candid pictures in which you can tell Nicole dosen't want to be pictured because of the Paparazzi restraining order, the reason i do post them is because i know fans want to see the latest pictures and her latest outfits but i'm unsure if to still keep posting candids which just feel uncomfortable..

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Anonymous said...

keep poting the pics!! I visit your website daily bcuz you have the most recent pics

anonymous blogger said...

Yeah the pap pics where nicole is hiding I wouldn't want to post, but I do like to see what she is wearing.

Does anyone know if the "shopbop" website is an ok place to buy house of harlow? i want to buy the Medallion Locket but it's the only place that has it in stock.


I've never shopped with shopbop although i expect they are reputable.
But my favourite place to get House Of Harlow from is they do sell the medallion necklace. xo