Friday 23 October 2009

Richie-Madden family photoshoot & interview scans

This week Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have released their first ever photoshoot as an entire family since the birth of their baby boy Sparrow.

I was slightly cautious to post these scans as i am not allowed to post the magazine cover but as these scans are on alot of other websites i presume it is ok to share this fabulous magazine spread from People Magazine. Click on the images for zoomed in better viewing!

How adorable is Harlow?! She is definetly a mini Nicole.

Aww i think Sparrow was a little sleepy on the set of his first photoshoot.


Source-Thanks to Allison for these scans.


Anonymous said...

in picture four it say's 'How adorable is Sparrow..." and its a pictue of Harlow, ahaha


haha good spotting! My silly mistake, i think its time i go to bed! xo

Unknown said...

i'm not sure why everyone is taking my scans without permission...but okay


Apologies Allison, i found these pictures on TFS website and they where credited to ohnotheydidn't website.
What is your site? & i will correct my source.

Anonymous said...

ummm Allison, you are not the only person who has scanned them. Thousands of people have by now, there is no way to tell if they are one person's or the others.

Unknown said...

actually, anonymous, there is. i photoshopped two of the pictures together to make a complete image and that's one of the images posted on the site. thanks for playing, though.

as ny NRN, i'm just being difficult! no worries, i love the site and i don't have one of my own to credit to. enjoy the scans.

Ellie said...

What is Harlow wearing and where from? She's adorable