Friday 4 September 2009

How to achieve Nicole Richie's tousled hair

Nicole Richie is a big fan of the the tousled wave hair 'do. Nicole Richie revealed the secret to her perfect hair as she was once quoted in Glamour magazine saying how she achieves her relaxed curled look..
"The best tip i've got from a hair pro is to curl my hair with straightners."

Lauren Conrad is also a major fan of the flat iron curling technique.

I found this picture step by step instruction guide of how to achieve the Nicole Richie flat iron tousled curl from a great beauty site

All the images below are courtesy of
Jen Atkin she works in Nicole Richie's favourite salon


Air dry hair. If hair is curly, blow dry straight first.


Section hair in 1 inch vertical panels from left of head to right.

Using a 1 inch flat iron (Jen suggests the Chi Flat Iron), take the first panel of hair and starting 2 inches from scalp, put hair INTO the flat iron.


Holding the flat iron vertically from the floor, twist down and in a backwards motion - for the left side of head, twist down, back and left. For the right side of head, twist down, back and right. *Always twist away from the ear*


Release hair from flat iron and twist hair in backwards motion around finger, pulling while hot to stretch and elongate the curl
TIP: ~
for the back of head, split it down the middle from crown to nape - left side curl in left backward motion, right side curl in backward right motion. Think Farrah Fawcett's feathered hair - back and away!

For a light hold, finish by spraying hair with Frederic Fekkai Sheer Hair Spray
TIP: ~
To lengthen the curls even more, once you've completed the curl, use the flat iron over the ends of hair to create the straighter ends. The vertical "boho" curls give the appearance of longer hair.
And here is the final look of the Nicole Richie style curl from the back ..


discogrrrl said...

I'm so gonna try that out tomorrow morning! Haha!

jam said...

thanks for posting this! its unfortunate they didnt post a finished pic from the sides and front, only that back pic

RichieFan said...

What a great post! I'm so excited to give this a try! I love this hairstyle - Nicole always looks great when she wears it.

Unknown said...

ah it doesnt work on my hair - think it's too fine :(

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