Friday 4 September 2009

Joel and Harlow shop at the Farmers Market

Earlier this week (30th August) Joel Madden and his daughter Harlow Winter Kate Richie Madden where spotted at the famous farmers market in Los Angeles.
Aww Harlow is growing so fast!
It didn't seem so long ago when her first photoshoot was published on the cover of People magazine.
I think these photos are so cute!
I always thought Harlow looked so much more like her Dad, Joel.
But now i think she is looking so much like her Mom, Nicole!

In other news of the Richie-Madden family..

Many people are speculating Nicole Richie's reasons for being so quiet after the death of Adam Goldstein. Other sites are making up their own rumours.
I have recieved emails from people with these silly stories.
I find it all totally disrespectful which is why i will not be writing about any of these rumours.

Nicole may be grieving and that is a personal thing i dont think it is right for people to start questioning her reasons.

Nicole should be looking forward to the birth of her second child, not having to worry about what people are writing about her. I know Nicole probably has a thick skin against the media by now but still they should be respectful and not link her name to everything that is happening.

I'm so looking forward to hearing of Nicole's good news of baby #2 it is an exciting time for her right now!


Unknown said...

I agree, Nicole should be allowed to grieve privately.
Harlow is looking just like her mom :) gorgeous little girl

Mum On The Run said...

Well said !! I just had my 5th baby on the 20th and im so excited waiting to hear of Nicole and Joels new bub . Lets focus on the positives for them and wish them well !!