Sunday 30 August 2009

Nicole Richie running errands

Earlier this week (August 25th) Nicole Richie was spotted out at her local store in Laurel Canyon.

Nicole Richie was just picking up a few essentials before heading back to her car.
Nicole's pants look soo comfortable! - but she must be quite hot in that outfit in the Los Angeles weather!
I think these pictures may be the last pics we see of Nicole before she gives birth, as she has been very quiet lately. ~I hope Nicole and her family are all ok and doing well.

A rumour has been circulating the internet that Nicole Richie has gone into labour but Nicole's Mom Brenda Richie squashed the rumour by Twittering - "NICOLE IS NOT IN LABOR!"



Mel said...

wow, Nicole almost looks like she is carrying twins...Could be possible??? But, by the quiteness of the richie-maddens I would say within the next 72 hours we will find out:0
so exciting

Crystal said...

Any news about Nicole and the baby??

Unknown said...

I LOVE those pants! they look so comfy!

I've just done a post on Nicole Richie and i'd love you to check it out x

For all things fashion:

lilkunta said...

Nic looks a mess. Those pants are too big. She coulda stepped on them & fell.