Wednesday 19 August 2009

Nicole Richie and family at the Michael Jackson memorial event

Nicole Richie, Joel Madden and daughter Harlow Winter Kate Richie Madden pictured below at the memorial event for Michael Jackson.
Nicole Richie was looking very fresh faced and pretty. Harlow also looked soo cute!
I really like when Joel has blonde and dark hair, i think it suits him much better than an entire head of blonde hair.

So nice to see the Richie-Madden's together celebrating Michael Jacksons life.



Anonymous said...

What date was those picture taken?
I thought she wore black?
Most important, where do you find all these pictures (like those one)?
You are like an all-knowing super woman. :)


I think it was taken the same date as the public memorial. Nicole did wear black to the public memorial, im guessing this was the private family and friends memorial.

I think im just Nicole obsessed, :)


Anonymous said...

Was Nicole Richie the woman next to Judith Hill when We are the world/Heal the world was performed?