Sunday 26 July 2009

Statement jewels and headpieces

Everyone knows Nicole Richie has an amazing fashion image and she wears the most stunning costume jewellery, especially now that she has her own jewellery collection, House of Harlow 1960. Many people love Nicole's style and want to purchase statement jewellery similar to what Nicole would wear, and i know of one of the most amazing statement jewellery boutique stores in the UK.

Claudia Pink
The flamboyant jewellery designer Claudia Pink discovered her talent for reworking old pieces of jewellery into new designs when she was asked to transform a brooch into a bracelet for a family friend.
From small acorns, a beautiful boutique in Liverpool grew, which is where we found Pink crafting her unique designs. Taken to heart by the Liverpool glitterati her strengths lay in taking vintage pieces and giving them a contemporary edge.
With Claudia Pink jewellery you are guaranteed to find something unique, original, and beautifully crafted.

Below i have selected some of my favourite pieces by Claudia Pink which i think are very Nicole Richie - esque.
This vintage multi strand necklace is perfect for layering over a black dress to add an instant glamorous edge.
Claudia Pink make alot of stunning headpieces which you could totally imagine Nicole Richie wearing.
The store has so many pieces to choose from!

One of my favourite pieces by Claudia Pink is a large gold medallion 'peace' necklace (sadly i couldn't find an image of it online) but it is amazing.

Claudia Pink's website is currently under construction but you can check it out here!
Or their Myspace is a good place to look at their pieces. Alternatively you can become a fan of them on facebook their page is called 'Claudia Pink Jewellery.'

You can find Claudia Pink's store in Grand Central (previously known as Quiggins) it is based inside the old 'Barcelona bar.'
35 Renshaw Street
Liverpool, L1 2SF.


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