Saturday 25 July 2009

Nicole Richie Wears: Tie Dye

Over the past 12 months Nicole Richie has given a nod towards the classic 70's style of Tie-Dye.
Nicole has worn tie dye in many ways.
As a vest top .. Added a splash of tie dye to her denim jeans ..
A boost of tie dye makes this silk maxi dress pop ..
Another splash of tie dye to a maxi dress ..
And finally Nicole has added tie dye to one of her favourite accessories of 2009 the tie dye cammie hill bag.
I have made a small list of some of my favourite tie dye items around right now.
The first two tie-dye items Nicole Richie has also been seen wearing.

This dress is by Momo Falana and can be purchased here for $750.
This stunning dress is by Love Tanjane - $184.
This is my favourite pick from my tie dye selection, i adore it! It is the Tie Dye Georgetta dress by Diane Von Furstenberg. - $345.
This cute tie dye skirt is from American Apparel and would look great day through to evening. - £33.
I think these sandals are a fabulous way to add a subtle touch of tie dye to your outfit. They are by Reed Evins and are now reduced to $143.
If you are daring enough to go all out Tie-Dye this jersey vest dress is great way to do it. It is from ASOS. - £22.
I think this is a stunning tie dye cashmere scarf which would add a pop of colour to any dark outfit. It is by


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