Tuesday 9 December 2008

Scarlette & O

As many of you may know Nicole Richie has a close friend named Masha Gordon. Masha has recently designed an amazing collection of Womens clothing named Scarlette & O.
It is contemporary and has a mix formal and informal items.
I am in love with quite a few of the dresses!
You can see and purchase Scarlette & O from
and from
My two favourite Scarlette & O designs are the Sophia Dress the electric blue colour is amazing, and the Renee T-Shirt as i love the unfinished cut at the bottom of the 'tee!

You may notice there is a green dress named Nicole .. I wonder if Nicole Richie inspired that dress!

What is your favourite Scarlette & O design?


Anonymous said...

The camel coloured Stella sweater is cute.
Its a hot collection!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess it is only sold in hype shops because she has famous friends. The clothes are very blend and I would not wear any of them...or maybe to go walk my dog. And the prices? That must be a joke!
I'm sorry I love Nicole and her style but I am not going to lie about that collection from Masha. It's ugly and overpriced.


Well you are totally entitled to your own opinion & i welcome that =D
But i must say that Masha is not 'promoting' her range based on the people she knows. I have mentioned it as she is one of Nicole's friends but it isnt advertised on the fact of her friends.
I think the collection is understated and is not too 'in your face' as other famous peoples collections. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Me again. You're right saying it's not so 'in your face' but I just was not impressed. It reminded me of Lauren Conrad's collection. Nothing special but high prices and named after her friends...
By the way, I LOVE your blog!
Thanks xxx

Anonymous said...

Tried on one of her dresses at Kitson and LOVED it! It was so flattering.