Monday 8 December 2008

Nicole Richie braves the cold Russian weather

Wow, all my past blog post's have all been Moscow themed .. and here is another one!
5th December 2008
Nicole Richie was spotted with friends enjoying some Moscow sight seeing.

Nicole Richie was wearing a large white fur jacket, black leggings and classic black Uggs.

I think Moscow would be a great place to visit during the Christmas period, i've never actually considered travelling there but it actually looks quite nice!



Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know what method Nicole uses to lose weigh by any chance? Remember when she used to be "chubby" and now she is really skinny. I have been suffering with my weigh for more than 5 years and I am really sick of it. Thank you..


Nope i dont know.
Obviously there was lots of rumours of diet pills & not eating.
And the latest rumours are that she only eats chicken broth.
I personally think with Nicole's age and maturity she has stopped partying, calmed down. Eats more sensibly and has lost the weight!
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