Sunday 14 December 2008

Nicole Richie attends the launch of K-DCMA Footwear

After Nicole Richie's afternoon of shopping with her daughter Harlow Madden she then headed over to the DCMA store that evening for the official launch of Joel Maddens and DCMA collective's debut shoe line K-DCMA.

K-DCMA is a collaboration between DCMA collective and K-Swiss you can see pics of the new shoes Here.

Nicole Richie wore a pair of Christian Dior Extreme cutout sandals which were made famous this summer by Sarah Jessica Parker - Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie.

No doubt these sandals are expensive so here is a cheaper and still as hot version from ASOS and they have even been reduced so they are now also a bargain!!

Whilst on the red carpet walking into the launch party Joel Madden chatted with the media and revealed what presents Nicole Richie and Harlow Madden may be recieving on Christmas day ..

“I have no clue right now what I’m getting her (Nicole), but I think it’s going to have to be creative.
She appreciates more of the creative rather than something like a diamond. She’s not really into diamonds.”

As for baby Harlow, the Good Charlotte rocker says mommy will be taking care of that.
“Nicole is very organic, so probably a lot of organic toys like wooden blocks,” he tells.

I totally agree with Nicole on that, a creative present shows 'thought' and while diamonds are pretty they are hardly originals!

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