Monday 17 March 2008

Nicole Richie: "Motherhood is bittersweet"

Nicole Richie has revealed she is still reluctant to go out to social events and leave her newborn Harlow Winter at home.
The proud mother attended the opening of her boyfriend Joel Madden’s new Los Angeles clothing store DCMA, but admitted she is still hesitant about being away from her young daughter.
Speaking to People magazine, the one-time wildchild said:
"My mom's with her. It's fun, but it's bittersweet because I don't like to leave her. And I always wonder, 'What is she doing?'
(I've checked in) twice so far - and I've only been gone an hour! "But this is my adult night so I'm excited to see what the night brings."
However, Richie came prepared for the long night ahead: "(My breast pump) is in the car. And we have a converter because there's no car charger, so that way I can plug it right in at 10 o'clock!"
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