Monday 17 March 2008

Nicole Richie thinks Paris is a 'total nightmare'

That is according to msnbc.comIt took them ages to mend them friendship after that famously vague feud of 2005, and now Star magazine reports Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are at it again.

Feud 2.0 is all about the whirlwind relationship between Nicole’s future brother-in-law, Benji Madden, and Paris, a hookup that’s left Nicole fuming with her friend.
“Nicole has made it clear to Paris that she doesn’t like her seeing (Benji),” an insider told Star. “She thinks Paris is a total nightmare to be around and just wants her to go away. She isn’t happy about Paris once again crashing what is now her picture-perfect life.”
So why does Nicole suddenly see her BFF as a big burden?
Allegedly it all goes back to Benji’s breakup with her other pal Sophie Monk. Sophie and Benji were engaged, but split up in February. While no one’s accusing Paris of stealing him away, Nicole doesn’t like the timing.
“She feels that Paris screwed Sophie over by coming on to Benji so quickly,” the source revealed to the magazine. “Her allegiance is definitely with Sophie — she doesn’t trust Paris one bit.”
Apparently Nicole’s plan is to wait it out and hope for, well, the worst.
“Nicole is just hoping Paris’ relationship with Benji goes down the toilet as quickly as most of her other relationships have.
She just wants to get on with her life without Paris.”
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Anonymous said...

if i was nicole i would feel the same way, why is it paris always tries top outdo nicole and steal her limelight?