Sunday 3 July 2016

Meet and Greet with Lionel Richie

Earlier this week (28th June) my Fiance & I were lucky enough to personally meet the living legend that is Lionel Richie on his 'All The Hits' tour in Manchester, England.

On the evening we were greeted by Lionel's assistants who labelled us up with our 'meet & greet' VIP bands and we were off to meet Lionel! 
It was such a pleasure to personally meet Lionel, after telling him of my 'NRichieNews' fashion website, how i had interviewed Nicole at Selfridges, London and that i'm a huge fan of his work and also The Richie family he jokingly replied "So you & I are close then" .. he then gestured to my Fiance "Oh My, she knows her stuff!". 

Once we'd gotten a couple of snaps we then headed on to take our seats to watch Lionel perform. 

Lionel's 'All The Hits' tour is amazing, he is a true showman! If you can still bag yourself a ticket to see him on his world tour i would highly recommend it.
Thank you to Kelli of Lionel Richie's Official Fanclub for working with Lionel to allow us this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the main man himself, Lionel Richie. 


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