Sunday 6 May 2012

Get Nicole Richie's beach look

Nicole Richie recently shared a few beauty secrets with Glamour magazine and here are her tips.
The secret to Richie’s signature morning-after-the-party look? Use a flatiron to create uneven waves, then scrunch with matte styling cream. “Curling irons make it a little bit too done,” says Richie.
Make a bold statement with a bright eyeliner.
Do two bobby pins with a side part to give your beach style a retro vibe. For deep waves that are soft and touchable, wind pieces of damp hair around your finger with styling cream and blow-dry.
For an effortlessly sexy poolside look, coax out texture with dry shampoo. Pin up hair haphazardly, and don’t fight flyaways—they make the look soft and flirty.
Nicole Richie’s hairstylist, Andy Lecompte, wound her hair in figure eights around pins to get this fluff. Tease for volume, and flat-iron the ends. Prep with a soft-hold gel.


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She looks AMAZING !