Sunday 6 November 2011

Birthday gifts we sent to Nicole

A while ago NRichieNews set up a Birthday gift project, Thank You to everyone who participated!

Here is a look inside the Birthday box we sent to Nicole Richie for her 30th Birthday.

A card signed on behalf of all NRichieNews readers.
An arm cuff we purchased from a fabulous liverpool designer Claudia Pink.
A large vintage inspired scarf.
A Turkish purse with a Turkish eye purchased for Nicole from my travels to Turkey.
A Lennon & Yoko inspired pen purchased from the official Beatles store in Liverpool, because we know Nicole is a fan of the Beatles.

We hope Nicole enjoyed her Birthday gifts from her biggest fans at



Judy said...

Really like the pieces you picked out for Nicole! I hope (and am pretty sure) she likes them as well :)

xoxo Judy

Lisa said...

wow this is a dedicated fan site, its inspiring! :)


Aw thanks Lisa. x

Anonymous said...

Does this mean you have a address?Did she answer you or something?...anyway, these gifts are great! very good taste :)


I sent them to someone who knows Nicole very well & although i've not heard from Nicole I know she has received the gifts.

clara spencer-phillips said...

But she hasn't thanked you? Seems unlike her..?

Jeanne said...

NicoleRichieNews I think you can help me. I've been trying to contact, not Nicole Richie herself, but her "team" via the contact of her websites and, BUT I had no response yet (I don't even know if my mails really "come" to them.) So if you could help me to contact directly someone who work with/for her that would be nice. I'm gonna send you an email (to nicolerichie news) to explain how you could help me (if you want or can) tonight or tomorrow. Thank you :)


@clara spencer-philips I have heard from her management, a thank you card is meant to be on the way. I don't mind though, as I know she has received the present.