Sunday 4 September 2011

Nicole Richie turns 30 this month!

Nicole Richie turns the big 3-0 this month - 21st September!

Last year we gifted Nicole Richie with a birthday book, which you can read here.

As this Birthday is even bigger, i am going to buy Nicole Richie a gift on behalf of NRichieNews readers.

We all know that Nicole loves her jewels, which is why I am going to buy Nicole a piece of jewellery from my favourite designer Claudia Pink, Claudia's jewels are sourced from around the world and I know that a piece from Claudia Pink will be perfect for Nicole.

I will be purchasing the item this week and sending it over to LA for Nicole so it arrives in time for her birthday.

I would be ever so grateful if you could donate the smallest amount to this Birthday fund as the more funds the better the present I will buy for Nicole's 30th! If you donate I will write a personal message for Nicole in the Birthday card just from you.

Donation account now closed, thank you to all who have donated you will be receiving an email from NRichieNews shortly.

NRichieNews does not make any monetary profit via this site so any money put into this gift is coming straight from myself.


Toni said...

I'm hosting my very own birthday project, and some other Nicole fans are hosting a project together as a group... but I have no idea what you could do! If I think of anything though, I'll be sure to let you know! There's just over 2 weeks left until her birthday so we should get thinking fast!

genna_koko said...

if you need any help let me know! I wish I had a blog about @nicolerichie but I don't so any help you need I'd be glad to! can't wait to see your idea from @genna_koko

Mylene (MydraGC) said...

Oh yes I would like to help you for this gift :)
Have you already an idea for the jewel ?
I make a donate for sure :)


I'm thinking of maybe this arm cuff but I live right by the store so i'll go to the store and take a look at everything they have!x

Mylene (MydraGC) said...

ok ok your idea is so GORGEOUS really I like it so much!

Judith said...

Great idea! I donated a small amount today :)
xoxo Judith