Saturday 30 July 2011

Denis De Souza the man behind Nicole Richie's beautiful Blonde!

Denis De Souza Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been educated all over the world, developing a passion for hair color and an international eye for style at a very young age.
After some initial work experience in the fashion industry as a model, he decided to devote himself to coloring, starting out in one of the most prestigious salons in Los Angeles, the John Frieda salon, training with world-renowned colorist Jonathan Gale. Denis now works at the illustrious Andy Lecompte Salon and travels occasionally to the East Coast for clients.

Denis quickly attracted a celebrity and industry insider clientele with his signature ultra-natural “Ipanema Beach Blonde” coloring technique, which he created himself.
The technique results in the natural, gorgeous bleaching effects obtained after sun exposure, giving his clients a sexy, bohemian look. “It’s a technique that makes beautiful dark blondes or brunettes have a lighter hair color without changing the natural color or making it appear brassy. Essentially, it’s just highlights, but I lighten the ends a little bit more, making them brighter and very exotic."

Denis spoke with NRichieNews about Nicole Richie, one of his many famous clients.

How did you get your industry break:

Well, it didn't happen over night that's for sure but I'm blessed to know my career took off pretty fast .. Things started happening for me when I first worked with Rachel Bilson and took her ends lighter and she became one of the ambassadors for the " ombré" hair color .. I got tons of clients because of that look and that was also thanks to Mara Roszak who is an amazing hair stylist that also works with me at The Andy Lecompte salon in LA and sent me a few of her celebrities clientele including Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis,Rachel Bilson just to name a few but our darling Nicole Richie came to me through Andy Lecompte and I just love working with her because she is such an amazing trend setter and power house.. I'm just very grateful for all the amazing girls I work with... And get to know while doing the job that I love.

We know that you are the man behind Nicole Richie's fabulous blonde, can you tell us what you do to achieve her current colour:

Nicole's hair naturally is a pretty dark blonde... But nowadays she likes being lighter and to achieve that I smudge her natural color just to lighten up and soften up her base a little bit and I put hilights on top of it.. Giving her depth on the top and lightness throughout it.

What are your 5 most coveted hair products:

Leonor Greyl serum de soie sublimateur and èclay naturel
Rene furterer okara shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair
Rene furterer vitalfan dietary supplement for thin hair
Love line ( shampoo and conditioner ) from Davines

Favourite Nicole Richie look which you have created:

Well, I just love every look she creates because of her amazing sense of style but I must say that knowing that I was the guy behind her blonde gorgeous locks at the day of her wedding makes me feel pretty good about it.

Any tips/advice on how to recreate Nicole's hair colour:

It's hard to advise people at home on how to create anything, my best advice would be for them to find pictures of hair color they absolute love and desire and take it to a trustworthy hair colorist .. If he is a good professional he will let them know if it's possible to create what they want and if not possible the colorist might come up with something similar that would suit the clients needs better. In order to become a good hair colorist you need to be honest with your client, not everyone can leave the salon with Gisele bundchen's hair color i'm afraid... But instead of promising the clients the impossible its up to us to have the eye and let them know what we think would best suit them based on their skin coloring, hair texture and what they want to achieve.

Be sure to visit DenisDeSouza.Com to see more of his work and follow @denisdesouza01 on Twitter.

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