Saturday 30 April 2011

Nicole Richie speaks at FN CEO summit 2011

Nicole Richie was a speaker at the Footwear News CEO summit 2011 at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Miami this week.

Credit for the above image from anon email.
Nicole Richie and Bill Pryor - Image courtesy of @shoebuyguy

Here is a preview of Nicole Richie's talk at the Footwear News conference :

Emerging celeb designer Nicole Richie said she decided to enter the fashion world when she knew she could give it her all - and it's clear she's doing just that.

At the FN CEO Summit second night’s address, Richie, who designs House of Harlow 1960 and Winter Kate, described her customer as "a woman who wants to have fun with fashion and wears everything with ease and comfort."

Between working and being a mom, Richie said she has to find styles that can work for all day wear, although she loves high heels. "Comfort is the number one factor for me—I have great shoes that I don't ever wear."

Comparing her role as designer to her former experience singing, acting, or working on TV, she said it's been challenging in ways she hadn't expected. "In those other areas you can just be an artist but when it comes to design, you're forced to know everything from shipping to linesheets to pricing."

As for top trends, Richie declined to list of-the-moment styles, opting for a style mantra that says "It's important to know your body and what looks good on you."

Richie highlighted the importance of press in growing a young brand, but said she hasn't yet tackled a strong push with stylists and celebrities. Instead, she has focused her efforts on connecting directly with consumers on Twitter, Facebook and at Personal Appearances, which she feels are the best opportunity to have face time with her customers. "PAs are great and I see them as my chance to see what [the customers] are drawn to, what they want me to do and get feedback."

Richie confirmed she does all her own tweeting to her two million plus followers. "I love talking to people directly to keep them in the loop and get their feedback." Although she started off tweeting about her business to share the process and get feedback, Richie said she can't resist the occasional cheesy ‘knock knock’ joke or personal post. "For me, it's very important to know my customer and connect with them directly. I love that," Richie said.

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