Tuesday 29 March 2011

Nicole Richie works out with Tracy Anderson

Nicole Richie has shared this video of herself and her exercise trainer Tracy Anderson dancing and working out.

Nicole Richie has got the moves!

Head over to nicolerichie.com to read more on her exercise regime.



Nini said...

Hey, I'm going to get myself of copy of Tracy Anderson's fitness video(s). I've heard so much of her, now seeing her in action makes me wanna dance! :)
The dog running around is really funny... in the midst of the filming.

Thank you for sharing this video!

Nini said...

... I forgot to say: its really astonishing to see someone shorter than Nicole. :D in comparison Nicole looks almost tall!

Anonymous said...

haha nini, i thought the same !
i do zumba twice a week and it reminds me alot of this workout ! i recomend zumba to everybody !