Saturday 11 December 2010

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden wedding news

There is lots of rumours circulating about Nicole Richie's forthcoming wedding to Joel Madden, I will be posting any news as soon as I get it onto this post so expect lots of updates!

11th December 2010
It is highly speculated that the wedding is set for today.

11th December 2010
Part of Lionel Richie's garden in his Beverly Hills mansion has been transformed into a stage and seating area.

11th December 2010
Khloe Kardashian is a close friend to Nicole Richie and she has just tweeted 'I love weddings' on her official Twitter page.

More updates coming as soon as they happen!


jude said...

soooooooooooooo excited!
maybe xtina isnt going after all after being on xfactor this evening.


Nope I dont think she will be :( She said on the Xfactor she will be promoting Burlesque this week. x

Mel said...

are you watching the live video of the arrivals...kind of creepy but so excited for them!

Anonymous said...

to better understand the elephant angle.
from here interview on larry king live promoting her book

SEACREST: And tell me about the wedding plans.

RICHIE: I want to have a very, very big wedding. I want it to be very extravagant. I want like hundreds of people and elephants.

SEACREST: You want elephants?


SEACREST: Hundreds of people and why elephants?

RICHIE: And a horse and carriage.

SEACREST: You want a circus.


SEACREST: Why elephants?

RICHIE: Because elephants are really good luck. And they're beautiful animals. You don't think?

SEACREST: No, I do, I think they're beautiful. I just think the hundreds of people and elephants seemed a strange segue.

RICHIE: You know the movie "Coming to America."


RICHIE: That was ...

SEACREST: That's what you want. You want that whole scene.

RICHIE: But I want it bigger that that, but yes.