Monday 4 October 2010

Inside A Beverly Hills mansion with Nicole Richie

I've just came across a great little interview with Nicole Richie on a German website (so apologies for my poor translation!)
Nicole Richie pictured above wearing House Of Harlow jewellery in her Father's Beverly Hills Mansion.

ProSieben Red! met with Nicole Richie at Lionel Richie's mansion in Beverly Hills. They sat in the Garden of the mansion and chatted about Nicole's current affairs.

Here is a little snipped of the Red! interview with Nicole Richie ~

The truth about Nicole Richie's signature look:

I more or less stole the sunglass look from my Mom! I wear no make-up. It's easy to wear sunglasses, they cover must of my face and I wear hat's to hide bad hair days as some days I just don't have time.

On her body:

I think it's important to give my body time and attention and I eat very healthy, not out of vanity I just want to be aware of my body.

You can catch the entire interview with Nicole Richie October 7th 10.30pm on ProSieben.


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