Monday 6 September 2010

Nicole Richie : The return of the BOB!

In the year 2005 Nicole Richie caused a stir in the fashion world with her new image, Nicole was more polished than ever with a short cropped bob.

Nicole Richie's bob was infamous with salons around the world as many young girls wanted the classy Nicole Richie bob, I too was one of those girls!

5 years later after going from Blonde to ginger to brunette to blonde to brunette and finally back to blonde! Nicole Richie has returned to the classic bob with a choppy wavy new look.

We love it!
Here is a selection of the best 'Nicole Richie bob moments' from 2005 :



DCMAxQueen said...

I'm super excited about this. We get to see side by side book signing pictures, one when she was "thin" (I still say sick, whether intentional or not) and healthy and absolutely GORGEOUS)

Anonymous said...

Well.....I LOOOVE IT !!