Monday 16 August 2010

Nicole Richie's Airport Style : Look For Less

Nicole Richie never fails to be pictured looking anything other than fabulous, even when she is snapped in an airport after a long-haul flight!

This picture of Nicole in Sydney airport has inspired me to write a Look For Less feature, as at this moment in time I am already planning my airport outfit for when I travel to LA - I know I still have 3 weeks to go but I guess I like to plan!
Nicole Richie's Airport Style : Look For Less!
American Apparel Leggings - these leggings are the comfiest in the world.

I hope this feature has inspired you!



bajciig said...

i love this outfit:)) its perfect:)

Anonymous said...

Hey there, i've actually been looking for those copies of the chanel sunglasses. Thanks so much :)

111 said...

Oh crap! I really wish I can put up clothes like her! And BTW, is she pregs in this photo?