Friday 4 June 2010

SPOTTED: Nicole Richie heading to traffic school

Nicole Richie was spotted heading into her traffic school class yesterday (3rd June).

Nicole Richie wore a sheer shirt with light was denim jeans and a pair of metallic pumps.
Img Source - X17 via Foro famous.

So sorry my site has been quiet lately, there isn't much Nicole news and i've been super busy trying to set up my boutique!

Hopefully there will be new Nicole news soon.



Emy said...

Look at that growing belly :P! I bet she's pregnant!

godo said...

how much longer until she is done with the classes?

Nicole Richie Source said...

I always feel bad when Nicole covers her face when she is getting snapped. poor thing

Anonymous said...

What growing belly ? she doesn't look pregnant at all !!

Anonymous said...

Oooh I kind of agree with what Emy says...She has gain weight and always wear loose tops.We never know.
And yes Rachel, it's sad to see that they can't leave her alone, it might not be an easy life at all