Wednesday 2 June 2010

SPOTTED: Nicole and Joel gym buddies

It has been a while since we have seen any candids of Nicole Richie, so NRichieNews has been very quiet.

Thankfully there is finally new candids!

Nicole and her Fiance Joel Madden where spotted leaving the gym (June 1st.)
Joel Madden is currently touring with his band at the moment and I think Nicole is travelling around the band so I guess that is why we don't have many new pics at the moment.
It's great to see the Richie-Madden's out and about!


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Anonymous said...

nope she hasnt been traveling with the band, she first went to spain when GC started the tour and then she went back to LA i believe. Joel said on twitter that he was missing his kids, and Nicole doesnt appear on any GCTV video, so she wasnt there. although now she might be, cause today Joel said on twitter that he was going to Arizona (for a show) with his family, and tomorrow they're playing in Las Vegas and then San Francisco and then Hollywood, and i guess that will be the end of the trip for Nicole and the kids. i hope we get to see her in a GCTV video, just like on the last tour :D

Anonymous said...

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