Saturday 13 March 2010

Nicole Richie's day in France with Elle

Nicole Richie was recently in Paris, France to promote her Winter Kate clothing line. French Elle were lucky enough to spend the day with Nicole whilst she was in town.

Highlights from the day Elle spent with Nicole Richie. Nicole Richie is in Paris, far from the palm trees of LA, we await the arrival of Nicole and wonder how many bodyguards does one starlet need will there be five? six?

Also will the paparazzi be hot on her tail? It is a sure thing that in Hollywood they do not hesitate to jump on the hood of her car just get a snap of the tiny fashionista.

And finally the fans, we know there is alot of fans! Two days earlier when she was instore at Bloomingdales, New York, there was more than 6000 all hoping to share a moment with Nicole. It took a contingent of 250 security guards for Nicole to make her to the exit.

Nicole Richie walks into the room, sheltered by her signature look dark glasses. She removes the glasses and we are in awe how it is amazing that she looks like a bird, with her slender arms and her eyes as round as nuts.

"Since I was little i've always loved fashion. I used to watch my Mother pick out beautiful clothing and when my Dad was going on tour he would have outfit designers and they would make pieces for me too! I have thousands and thousands of gold, with the epaulettes, pink with rhinestones .. so I told myself that one day I would make my own clothes."

As we move from Kiliwatch passers by reach for their cameras to take a picture, she smiles sweetly and poses - "I can not complain about the paparazzi, I have chosen to lead this life."

Nicole speaks of her love for Vintage and how this helped inspire her clothing line. "You know it's important in vintage that the fabrics are soft." It was from this ideology that Nicole explained the focus for Winter Kate.

"I spread my hippie dresses and vintage stuff around my lounge whilst playing 70's music Led Zeplin, Janis Joplin.. I wanted everyone to understand that is where my mind is at when designing my pieces."

An important focus in Nicole's designs is comfort and easy living - Nicole notes even the House of Harlow shoes she created are easy to wear - boots that don't need lacing up, shoes you can slip on.

With two children, a clothing, jewelry and shoe line, a TV show in the pipeline how does Nicole Richie find time to relax?

"I am 28 years old. So I still want all the same fun! I'm just hyper and organised. In the morning i get up at 6am to be fresh when Harlow and Sparrow awake. I then stay with them as long as possible, then I work on my collection and TV show. In the evening I like to go for dinner. Of a Tuesday I usually meet with friends and they show me new places, so I stay connected!"

Sitting on the Cafe terrace of Etienne-Marcel Nicole speaks of her past troubles - "You know I paid my debt to society, I was in prison - I made mistakes. I've changed, I walk and I don't look back it would not be good for me to do that."

We leave the Cafe and it is time for Nicole to head to Galeries Lafayette, where Nicole will present her Winter Kate collection.

The driver waited outside the door, she disappears for one hour, giving her time to prepare for the evenings event.

We arrive in the store and Nicole walks on to the shop floor, fans have their mobile phones out yelling 'Nicooole!' She glides gracefully in a summer blue dress from her Winter Kate clothing collection.

It is apparent that Nicole has left her wild youth years behind her and she is now a dedicated Mother, Designer and full time fashionista.

Credit to Elle for this amazing interview with Nicole!

Due to this being a French article I had to translate it into English but if you can read French i'd recommend you to Click Here to read the full article on Elle's day with Nicole Richie.


Mynoline said...

I'm a french fan and the interview is awesome ;)
and beautiful pics

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very happy she came to paris