Sunday 14 March 2010

Nicole Richie on her clothing line & personal style

Nicole Richie wears the 'Dylan' vest from her Winter Kate collection on a photoshoot.

Nicole Richie has spoke the The Times about her fashion line Winter Kate ~

“I’ve been wanting to design a range for, like, 10 years!”

Nicole also spoke about the wearability of her designs “You could be wearing jeans and a T-shirt and just throw on one of those pieces. - Easy. It reflects my personal style.”

“Becoming a mother hasn’t changed my style,” she says.

“I’ve always been one to dress for comfort. My staples are a good pair of opaque black tights, so you can wear your summer dresses in the winter. Bed jackets are really important to me, because I can just throw a different one on every day and it’s a completely new outfit. And, in terms of footwear, I am 5ft 1in and I do enjoy wearing heels a lot.”


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