Tuesday 17 November 2009

Nicole Richie wins restraining order against paparazzi

Finally the paparazzi will leave Nicole Richie and her family alone!Judge, Carol Boas Goodson approved Richie’s petition for a three-year restraining order after the car accident in Beverly Hills last month which the two stalking paparazzi caused.
At the hearing, Richie said she feared for her and her children’s safety.
At the time of the accident, Harlow and Sparrow were not in the car with her.
But Nicole said in the court filing that they are usually with her when she’s harassed by the paparazzi, Nicole even stated that she once seen one of them on her property.

The judge judge ruled that the photographers Eduardo Arrivabene and Ivon Emilio Melo Miguel must stay 50 yards away from Nicole, and her two children Harlow and Sparrow, with the exception of at celebrity public events.

It is great that Nicole Richie has got protection against the paparazzi, hopefully this will make paps in LA take note and not stalk celebs.

But the buzz which overshadowed Nicole Richie's courtcase yesterday is that Nicole Richie's lawyer lawyer Mark Geragos referred to Joel Madden as her husband! ~ This is sure to add to the are they married - arent they married (?) debate. The only reason I don't think they are is because Joel stated a few weeks ago that they are not married, it is likely to of just been a mistake on the lawyers behalf.

If you would like to see the papers from yesterdays court hearing Click here.


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Anonymous said...

Just a thought - maybe under common law they are considered to be husband and wife? The whole together for 2yrs+ with children. Not sure if this is right, but just my 2 cents :)