Monday 16 November 2009

Nicole Richie answers more fan questions on Twitter!

@nicolerichie favorite cookie?
milk chocolate chip from Mrs. Fields. I know, its boring.

@nicolerichie what shampoo do you use?
Kerastase or Brazillian Blow Out makes there own line of shampoos.

@nicolerichie Did you like the movie Orphan?
I loved it! That bitch scared me!

@nicolerichie where did you and Masha Gordon meet?
We went to the same school at 2 years old, and we've been together ever since. Only 1 fight. Ask her why.

@nicolerichie All time favorite go-to nail polish color?
Vamp by Chanel as a 1st coat, then black as a second coat. It makes the black look rich instead of grey.

@nicolerichie biggest pet peeve?
People who are late.

@nicolerichie Plan on getting anymore ink anytime soon?
I think I'm done, but never say never. If anything, I would cover a few.

@nicolerichie do you like having short or long hair better?
Long. Its less work. I have curly hair and I would always have to style it short.

@nicolerichie what was your favorite toy as a kid?
Teddy Ruxpin what what!

@nicolerichie gonna go back to brunette again?
I'm a brunette now, with blond tips.


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