Monday 30 November 2009

Nicole Richie VS. Katie Holmes

Nicole Richie and Katie Holmes are both fans of the Givenchy cut out booties. The question is who wears it better ?!
Nicole Richie
Nicole wears her Givency cut out heels with denim jeans and also cut off shorts. The Givenchy cut out heels add to the unqiue edgy look of Nicole's outfit.

Katie Holmes
Keeps it simple and sophisticated by matching her Givenchy cut out heels with an all black outfit and she has also wore them with a little black dress.



Anonymous said...

defo nicole richie!! they suit her so much and she looks gorgeous in them x

Unknown said...

N.R. wins ! Don't even ask..

Anonymous said...

NICOLE 100%. she totally pulls it off.

pop said...

nicole! she's the best

Megan said...

Nicole! Duh!


Crystal said...

Of course Nicole! :) Every single thing she wears she looks faboulous!!!she's always the best!