Thursday 15 October 2009

Q&A session with Nicole Richie

I will be doing a Q&A feature with Nicole Richie very soon!

I want to give everyone the chance to ask Nicole Richie a question, so email me your question to or post a comment on this blog post.

The best questions will be selected for the interview.

Closing date for questions 17th October


cleo said...

really? do think nicole will answer the question?


Yep really :)

I spoke to Nicole on twitter and she agreed & i have said i will send her the questions over in a few days when i collect together fan questions & put some of my own questions in.

Feel free to post your question.

Anonymous said...

Is she going to do a photoshoot with Sparrow for a magazine soon?

What does she love most about being a mom?

Who are her favorite designers?

What's her skincare regime?

How does she wave her hair with her flat iron? I know there are multiple ways but hers always looks so good!

Anonymous said...

What's her favourite evening pastime?

Anonymous said...

What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use (question for Nicole)?

Anonymous said...

What is her favourite perfume?

Anonymous said...

What do you and your friends do for fun?

Anonymous said...

Does she have a favourite type of fitness (ie. pilates, yoga, running, etc.)?

Anonymous said...

Nicole - how has your life changed in the past few years? (besides the obvious, lol)

Anonymous said...

What is your favourite food?

Anonymous said...

Nicole - describe a typical day in your life (morning, daytime, evening).

kirsten said...

I've personally always been DYING to ask her for more details about her skin-care and make up routine and what products she uses for both. She has always had the most beautiful skin I've ever seen in my life and I'd love to know EXACTLY how she maintains it. She's been asked questions sort of like that before, but no one ever really asked the right questions or asked what products she uses so the most detail we've ever really received about it is that her skin care routine is really "basic and simple". If you could finally get the answers to these questions or even just what her skincare routine is and which products she uses you would seriously be a total god in my mind and I would owe you karma for life!

It would also be really great to know what products she uses on her hair as I know she has wavy hair and dyes it, but it doesn't seem damaged at all.

I hate that my questions for her are somewhat vain because I know there is so much more to her than just her looks. As a heroin addict myself that has been clean for 4 years now I really admire and look up to her for everything she's been through and all of the changes she's made in her life. It means alot for me to able to see someone else who has struggled with the same problem I have really turn things around the way that she has and seeing how incredibly happy she is today gives me alot of hope that despite everything it really is worth it to not give up on staying clean. So please tell her thank you for that.

Kizz said...

Who are you style icons? xx

nicole richie source said...

when will the world be seeing sparrow?

who does she look up to?

when will she be visiting Australia next?

how does she deal with the media and paparazzi?

Mary said...

I was wondering if she's planning to launch her own perfume