Wednesday 14 October 2009

More top 10 Twitter questions from Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie has took to her Twitter again to answer more questions from her fans.

Admittedly this should be called 'Nicole Richie's top 11 twitter questions' as she answers 11 questions but i've already made the sign so i'll stick to calling it Top 10! @nicolerichie what holiday are u looking fwd to most coming up?
Christmas. Favorite holiday of the year!

@nicolerichie do you want more kids
of course!

@nicolerichie whats ur fave color??

@nicolerichie whats your fav gc song??
All Black

@nicolerichie Favorite band when you were 15?
Save Ferris

@nicolerichie whats your all time favorite movie?
Neverending Story

@nicolerichie holy grail skincare product?
Dove Soap. Its magical.

@nicolerichie Favorite city to visit?

@nicolerichie What brand of mascara do you use?
Great Lash by Maybelline or YSL.

@nicolerichie what time do u normally wake up????
6.15am rain or shine.

@nicolerichie whats the lowest u ever weighed?
Well, when I was born I weighed 6 pounds.

I wish i was awake when Nicole Richie does these question & answer sessions but because of the time difference i am always well away in bed!


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