Sunday 18 October 2009

Nicole Richie Fashion : Minnetonka Boots

Nicole Richie is a big fan of her Minnetonka boots.
Minnetonka's are so versatile and can be worn in a number of ways, as Nicole Richie has shown us from Summer through to Winter.

Nicole Richie in cut off shorts and Minnetonka boots
Nicole Richie in denim jeans and Minnetonka boots

Nicole Richie in leggings and Minnetonka boots.
This is one of my favourite ways Nicole Richie wore the high minnetonka boot.

Click on the images for high quality viewing.

Nicole wore the high Minnetonka's back in 2006 and she is still wearing Minnetonka's in 2009.

Minnetonka moccasins seem to stand the test of time!

Investing in a pair of Minnetonka's is the perfect boot for the winter.

Minnetonka's seem to stay around each season but this season there is alot of Minnetonka look-a-likes around. I have selected a few of the best around.
Juicy Couture Tara fringed suede ankle boots - £250.
Tan fringe ankle boots from Evans - £35.

Esprit tassle ankle boots - £62.

Esprit Tall tassle boots in the sale £49.99

If you like the fringed boot look but want to wear it in a different way i think a heeled boot or flat sandal is the way forward.

Office high heel black suede fringe boots.

If you still have the sun where you live these sandals are perfect for wearing the fringed look on your feet and they come in four different colours!

How do you wear your Minnetonka boots?


Unknown said...

oooh i've wanted Minnetonka boots for ages! will save up for some though! and those green hunter boots she's been wearing :)

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Nini said...

I found an Ebay dealer close to me where I just can pick the booties up.

But I can't decide: Tramper boots in camel or brown?

Whats your choice and why?