Friday 16 October 2009

The media think too much

TMZ has managed to obtain Sparrow James' birth certificate.

You can click on the image for a better viewing.
This birth certificate has sent the gossip tabloids and the media into a frenzy, why ...

All because Sparrow's last name is 'Madden' and not 'Richie' or 'Richie-Madden'

This means the gossip tabloids are having a field day speculating that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are now married and have wedded in a secret ceremony.

I don't believe this is true, i just think the media think too much!

Obviously one day Nicole & Joel are going to marry & i doubt they have got married so quick after the birth of their second child.

Also i think 'Midnight Madden' has a better ring too it. They want their son to have a cool name when he is older and 'Midnight Madden' is very cool !

The press need to calm down.



Unknown said...

OH MY GOD. Tabloids are ...

nicole richie source said...

yeah i totally agree with you 100%

i also think his name is so long anyway wants the point of adding richie to it if they know they will be together forever?

Stefi said...

Isn't Harlow's name also just Madden?