Friday 16 October 2009

Nicole Richie answers more fan questions on Twitter

@nicolerichie what is your favorite vintage store in LA?
Resurrection and Decades.

@nicolerichie have you ever been to Melboune?
I was there 2 years ago, & i loved it!

@nicolerichie will house or harlow expand to a clothing line bc i would love to wear something you designed. you have AMAZING style!
actually, yes. There will be a very exciting announcement this week.

@nicolerichie will u teach ur kids abt their african history?
yes I will 100 percent.

@nicolerichie what's the most annoying thing @joelmadden does?
The list is too long my friend.

@nicolerichie would you ever consider going vegan?
I don't have the discipline.

@nicolerichie what is your biggest pet peave ?
People who are late.

@nicolerichie what was your favorite hobbie growin up?
I was a competitive figure skater.

@nicolerichie is it true that you used to play the violin?
Yes i did. I still do.

I am sooo looking forward to Nicole Richie exciting announcement this week about her fashion line, woohoo!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ice skating and violin? How can anyone say that nicole richie is not talented, she is so talented!