Friday 30 October 2009

EXCLUSIVE : Nicole Richie chats with

Nicole Richie has spoken exclusively with nrichienews about absolutely everything! - From her daily skin care regime to her fashion empire to how she likes to spend her free time.
I'm sure you will find out some exciting stuff because i certainly did.
You have a perfect complexion! Do you have a daily skin care regime, if so what is it & what products do you use?
I use Dove soap. Every time I start using too much product, I break out. So I keep it simple.

What is your favourite past time when you aren’t with your children?
Dressing up and going out to a nice dinner. I will go with my friends and sit for hours.

Do you have any plans to visit the UK ? – You have so many fans here.I will be in the UK in the spring when Winter Kate launches.

If you didn't have the career which you do have what would you like to be?
I would be a dancer. Or a hair stylist

What websites do you visit regularly?,,

Do you have any plans to visit Australia again?I go to Australia all the time. I love it and hope to visit soon. I hope to go in the Winter while its Summer over there.

Are you planning to launch your own perfume?I have no immediate plans to launch a fragrance, but I never say never.

If you could choose one piece what is your favourite House of Harlow 1960 item?
My favorite pieces are the headpieces. I wear them all the time.

What are you most looking forward to in the future?
I truly look forward to everything. Every morning I wake up excited about what the day will bring.

Would you ever consider taking up figure skating again?
I love skating, I wish that I did it more often. I try and go as much as I can.

Where would you love to visit where you haven’t already been to?
My dream is to go to Africa and India. Its not in the cards for me any time soon, but I would love to go!

Any plans for a new tattoo(s)?I started getting tattoos at 14. Its so silly really, I wouldnt get any more; maybe cover the ones I have.

Question from Andy LeCompte (Nicole's hair stylist) How much do you loveee Taco Bell?
Note to everyone: NEVER EVER go to taco bell with Andy lecompte. Just stick to getting blowdrys.

Did you have any odd pregnancy cravings?When i was pregnant with sparrow, I loved the taste of my facial scrub.
Big Thank You to Nicole Richie for doing this interview :)
Apologies if i did not feature your question in the interview, i had to be really selective otherwise Nicole would of been swamped with tons of questions, i picked the most occuring questions.


Mel said...

Congratulations!I can imagine how excited you would of been getting this interview! Thank you for giving your readers the opportunity as well...& Thanks Nicole

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

Yay! How exciting. So happy for you, what a great interview :)

Mary said...

thanks for asking her about the fragrance and congrats

Anonymous said...

It's so great you got to interview her! I hope she does put out a fragrance, I would probably buy anything she puts out since I'm such a huge fan!

Unknown said...

WOW thanks for the amazing interview! i've just passed you an award x

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lani said...

nice to know that Nicole Richie appreciates her fans and the amount of effort her fansites put in to keep showcasing her amazing style, charity work and beautiful family.

wish i could talk to her, but i think i would get to nervous to say anything.

Anonymous said...

congrats nrichienews!! i love the interview, i love Nicole and this page!!! :)