Friday 11 September 2009

Nicole Richie chats to Look magazine about her life & lots more!

Nicole Richie has recently chatted to LOOK magazine about her family life, Paris Hilton, her weight and her career dreams of becoming a singer. This is all featured in this weeks issue of the mag.
Just days before Nicole Richie was due to give birth, she arrived to a Beverly Hills boutique looking radiant to chat with Look Magazine.

Nicole, how are you coping with the bump second time around?
I've never felt better! Im having the time of my life. Motherhood is easier than i thought. Everyone kept telling me to get some sleep while i could before Harlow was born, but shes slept 12 hours a night for months! Shes the sweetest little angel.

Do you think you'll stop at two?
I dont know. I have the idea of a big family.
And hows Joel coping? Harlow looks just like him!
He's great and yes- i think she looks like her Daddy too. But she changes everyday - sometimes people think she looks like me and sometime's its Joel.

Will you two ever tie the knot?
Someday, but not immediately.
Is Joel's twin, Benji excited about being an uncle again?
Yes, he lives on our street so we're around each other's houses every day. We're all very close. Benji and I are actually very similar. He's more of a joker and very free spirited, while Joel is quieter.

You first rose to fame as Paris Hilton's best friend on The Simple Life. How have things changed since then?
Well, obviously i became known more to the average person but i really don't pay attention to that stuff. I just try to stay humble and stick with my family and friends. I learned alot from that show, like how to do a pregnancy test on a cow! (Laughs)

Are you still close to Paris Hilton?
Yes, of course. Our relationship goes beyond friendship. She's more like my sister because i've known her for as long as i can remember. We went to school together, lived about three minutes away from eachother, had the same violin and piano teacher, tennis instructor - we've done everything together! We actually got chicken pox together in sixth grade so we missed a week of school. We had paper bags over our heads because we were so embarrassed to see each other!

You had a huge falling out back in 2005 that you both refuse to talk about - you must of had your differences working together?
We're really close now and that's all that matters. Although I do remember when we were filming that Paris likes the room temperature really cold and I like it really hot. So we slept with in this tiny bed and she had a fan blowing on her side and I had a heater (laughs). After a week we just gave up and got rid of them. But that was our only issue.

A lot's been said about your fluctuating weight over the years. What could you say to your critics?
In the beginning i was known for standing next to Paris, who is the skinniest person in the world - anybody would look a little thick next to her! Then, after i lost weight I was criticised for being too skinny. You can't win. I was never anorexic though. I've spoken to my Dad about my weight. He was concerned when he read what was being said about my health, but i kept assuring him that i was always fine.

How is your relationship with your Dad Lionel Richie?
It's the best it's ever been! We're so close. We talk about everything he gives me advice, but only when I ask for it. He points me in the right direction.

He must be excited for the new arrival! [Interview took place before the birth of Sparrow]
Yes, but he's always excited! He always has a smile on his face.

You've just designed a new range for maternity company A Pea In The Pod. Tell us a bit about that.
I think pregnant women look beautiful. A lot of women find it hard to come to terms with their pregnant body and I want to help to help them feel good about themselves. It's important to realise that you don't need to buy a whole new wardrobe just because you're pregnant.

Who are your favourite designers?
Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs, but I love vintage stores too.

What can't you live without?
My mobile phone. I'm close to my family and like to talk to them a lot.

You'll be busy with two kids soon, but what about any other plans?
My whole goal is to be a singer. I do eventually want to record an album, but right now I have a lot on my plate. To the outside world is appears i'm famous, which is something i never sought out. I feel i'm just starting - there are so many chapters coming up.

Such a great interview.
It's nice to see Nicole chatting candidly about her family life.
I don't think Nicole needs to justify her fluctuating weight, but it is good that she has stated she was never anorexic, now no one can truly suggest she was anorexic.
I also never knew Nicole's entire career goal was to be a singer, I've only ever heard Nicole sing one song 'Dandelion' and that was good, so this is exciting stuff!

If anyone has access to a scanner, please feel free to scan this article on Nicole Richie and email it to me. I will feature it on my site, i've just wrote out this entire article as i don't have a scanner!


Anonymous said...

Don't you think that this interview was done maybe when the news of her designing a line for Pea in the Pod? Because, as of now nicole and joel live in a new place in laurel canyon and Benji lives in an appartment in Beverly hills, i think. (that what he said in a interview in december so..)

xamsx said...

Wow, you are sweet. You actually typed the whole thing out for your readers!

Crystal said...

I love the way she talks about pregnancy... :) I think too pregnancy is the best think for a woman!!! :)