Monday 15 June 2009

SPOTTED: Nicole Richie & Harlow Madden toy shop!

Yesterday afternoon (June 14th) Nicole Richie and her daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden where spotted doing some toy shopping at a store in Santa Monica.
Mommy Richie bought a doll house and magnetic tabletop easel.
Harlow is a lucky girl!

Nicole Richie wore her Ann Demeulemeester Wheel Print Draped Shirt, a pair of acid wash skinny Jeans by Jet, Ray Ban 3025 aviators and simple black havaianas sandals.



Anonymous said...

I guess that's what she meant on twitter about finding a store with just wood and natural toys since that's all i see!

Anonymous said...

Hey have you heard about the article in the enquirer (i think)? What do you think about it? I smell bs.


Yep, i think all the stories in those types of magazines are totally made up.
So i avoid posting them unless i find them interesting or in some way funny.
I think the people in those offices must have fun totally making up 'gossip' but it isn't so fun when they say things which could hurt a persons reputation.
Sorry for going on! I think tabloids annoy me.